The Director

St Elizabeth Kamuthi started as a girl’s center in the year 2001 (by then it was called God with Us Children Centre ) with a population of 36 children. It was started as an informal education Centre since several children were not able to attend primary schools due to financial constraints and high expenses. The Centre was not registered at that time. The shelter structure was made of iron sheets whilst Jerri cans and paint containers served as chairs.

The school supports the class 8 graduates who miss out on secondary school placement.

The Director: Mary Waithera Mungai


The Director Singing with students during a past event

In the year 2002, The Office of the President of Kenya introduced free primary school education. The majority of the children enrolled in school while the younger ones remained in the kindergarten class.

National Aid Control Council (NACC) began a food program for the Centre.

The director of God with Us Children Centre, Mary Waithera Mungai rented two stone-structured rooms where learning took place from the year 2002 to 2004. National Aid Control Council (NACC) began a food program for the Centre. The council also provided support in the building of two temporary structures made of iron sheets

Parents at a school function

Madam Mary visited a radio broadcaster, Coro FM to talk about God with Us Children’s Home.

and wooden poles. The children continued learning in the two rooms despite having a dusted floor. In the year 2006, Madam Mary visited a radio broadcaster, Coro FM to talk about God with Us Children’s Home. Beatrice, a house help from Kiambu listened to the broadcast and contacted the director about In the year 2006, Madam Mary visited a radio broadcaster, Coro FM to talk about God with Us Children’s Home. Beatrice, a house help from Kiambu listened to the broadcast and contacted the director about living in the center.

She talked to her employers who let her leave for the children’s home. Beatrice’s employers approached a contact from Texas. Her name was Mary Tobin of The Sisters of Mary Ward from Bomas of Kenya. Mary Tobin then spearheaded fundraising for young women’s education. The proceeds from the fundraising enabled the building of a secondary school, ST ELIZABETH KAMUTHI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL. The school supports the class 8 graduates who miss out on secondary school placement.

National Aid Control Council (NACC) continued supporting the school by providing the school with desks, books, uniforms, and foodstuffs for a period of six months. Later, a non-profit organization called Slovakia Mission approached the school in the year 2009. It provided foodstuffs for the school from 2009 to 2013. Moreover, Slovakia Mission supported the education of twenty-one secondary school girls from form 1 to form 3.

By the year 2009, the school had taken care of 149 children, the majority of the girls and a few boys. From then until now, the school has been supported by Kenyan well-wishers, among them the youth, families, churches, schools, companies, small business owners, other non-profit organizations, and individuals. These short-term supporters provide the school with food, stationery, clothes, and school uniforms.

The Manager

Madam Ruth Mungai: The Manager

At St Elizabeth Kamuthi, we are proud of our caring, inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and behave their very best. From the moment a new St Elizabeth Kamuthi student joins our school community we want them to feel a sense of happiness and belonging, as this is essential to their future success. Our superb facilities and dedicated staff will enable us to deliver our programs in an environment that is intimate, friendly, and attuned to every specific educational need.

We keep our classes and tutorial groups relatively small to create an atmosphere where can feel relaxed and comfortable, which allows learners to really get to know their MADAM RUTH MUNGAI (School Monoqer) teachers. We aim for all our students to be happy and to be challenged in a supportive and safe environment by Developing well-rounded-minded individuals who demonstrate resilience and determination to succeed Equipping students with the skills and academic success required to access new opportunities and enhance their life chances. Consistently insisting on high expectations. Developing an aspirational and flagship school community that engages with all parents and relevant stake• holders. Through the 8·4·4 system, our academic standards at St Elizabeth continue to improve term on term and year on year. St Elizabeth is carefully designed to be both accessible and challenging for all students, irrespective of their ability. We thereby ensure success for all by providing students with the necessary skills to flourish in an ever-changing and ever-demanding labor market.

The Principal’s Office

Our school provides a wide array of clubs and societies to develop individual student interests and abilities. The journalism club is one of the active clubs in our school. The club not only plays a crucial part in enabling students to access news and information within the school but also acts as media for all information outside the school and worldwide. The club gives students the opportunity to exercise their freedom of expression. The club has a patron who acts as a consultant and works closely with the club members to achieve the goals of the club. The consistency in great work being done by the club has attracted more students, especially the new students in joining the club. Thanks to the school administration for giving the club full support in its endeavors. We thank God for the far He has moved journalism and we are optimistic for great things in the future because we trust in God and in Him all are possible. Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

WESLEY KITUR(School Principal)

Discipline and performance are the key areas of the deputy’s office. We make every student valuable by instilling good morals and all-around competencies that will propel them to achieve educational goals. The deputy principal constantly communicates behavioral expectations to the students at assembly and develops appropriate intervention measures in order to curb indiscipline among students. Furthermore, the office harnesses staff members’ energy in promoting disciplinary standards. I believe that discipline is directly linked y academic performance hence enhancing strict time management and adherence to our daily routine.


On behalf of scouts in our school, I Virginia Wanjiru the patrol of scouts take this opportunity to thank the almighty God for this far He has brought us. We have committed ourselves to serve our nation and respect the unity symbols of our country.

– All Scouts


Commit yourself to scouts club Serve your nation and symbolize The national flag for it Endures for ever.

Students Council


School President 2022

I hereby take this golden opportunity to thank God for the far that he has brought us. Being the first edition, we hope to see more exciting editions by God’s grace. Secondly, my sincere and heart full of appreciation goes to the school management for the effort and concern they have shown by supporting the development of the school and academics.

I also wish to express my sincere gratitude to the staff members who have done their level best to make sure that the students are learning as expected and this has prompted better performance. I highly appreciate the students for their teamwork and commitment in their education that lead to excelling in their academics. I would like to ask the students to focus and be committed to their studies, success comes to the seekers. Aim higher to achieve your dreams. May the almighty father continue to shower us with His blessings.

Students Council


The Deputy School President)

I am honoured to be the school deputy president, it is all by God’s grace. Our school is growing to be a home of discipline and moral values, we owe this to the teaching and non-teaching staff of our school, not forgetting the great support we receive from our Board of Members. The prefects body has also played a great role in ensuring that discipline is maintained in school and things run as smoothly as possible which in return helps the learners to focus on learning, resulting to better grades. May God help us as we work towards being among the best schools in our country.